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The Comix Paper Release Party!

The newspaper is finally here folks and it’s time to celebrate! We’re having our release party at Mutiny Books for it! Come join! They’ll be readings by Ted Intorcio, Noah Van Sciver, Karl Christian Krumpholz & Jake Fairly! Reward prizes of pint glasses, art prints, and free beer for donations! You get a copy of the newspaper for just showing up!

"I Fought the Law"  written by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets
Comic by Dana Daldos

by Dylan Edwards

left to right, then top to bottom: Lonnie MF Allen, Katrin Davis, Lonnie MF Allen, Dana Daldos, Charlie LaGreca, Sean Sabetti, Dustin Rolstad

left to right, then top to bottom: Sean Sabetti, Lonnie MF Allen, Jess Brick, Melanie Gillman, Dustin Rolstad, Dana Daldos, Jake Fairly, Patrick Jordan, Ted Intorcio

left to right, then top to bottom: Jake Fairly, Patrick Jordan, Lonnie MF Allen, Ted Intorcio, Jessica Brick, Zak Kinsella, Dana Daldos, Dylan Edwards

left to right, then top to bottom: Lonnie MF Allen, Morgan Beem, Jake Roth, Sam Wey, Charlie LaGreca, Patrick Jordan

Melanie Gillman and Tinto Press nominated for Eisners!


The Eisner Awards were announced today, and our own Melanie Gillman’s “As the Crow Flies" was nominated for "Best Digital/Webcomic."


Ted Intorcio’s indy publishing company, Tinto Press also had a nomination with Jason Walz’s “Homesick.”


A big hearty congratulations to both of you!

Draw-Off! at Epic Brewing!

Epic Brewing hosted a Denver Drink & Draw face off against Squid Works, The DEAD Academy, Red Team Go! and Team Wildcard in a night of drunken drawing! All photos are courtesy of the Westword.

left to right, top to bottom: Lonnie MF Allen, Jesse James McFarland, Jake Fairly, Dylan Edwards, Dustin Rolstad, Brian Essig-Peppard